If you’re a newcomer to lesbian sex – maybe you have only recently entered your first same sex relationship, for example – you may find the prospect a little daunting. Sure, there is plenty of resources out there to help navigate coming out as gay or bisexual, but how much of it tackles the anxieties you may have around having lesbian sex for the first time?

Rest assured, when it comes to lesbian sex, we know what we’re talking about. Got questions about the basics of lesbian sex? In need of some products to help maximise your pleasure with your partner? We cover all in our introduction to lesbian sex.  

What is lesbian sex?

Let’s start simple; what do we actually mean when we talk about lesbian sex? Many antiquated traditional views may define sex as being penetrative sex only, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In essence, sex covers every intimate, sexual act you may experience with a partner that involves stimulation of the genitals.

That’s right, lesbian sex can include mutual masturbation, cunnilingus (oral for her), the use of sex toys, as well as tribbing which is the sexual act of rubbing erogenous zones against your partner’s.

How does lesbian sex work?

How lesbian sex works really depends on the type of stimulation you and your partner may decide upon. What type of stimulation you choose can also affect the positions you may want to experiment with during sex. Lesbian sex can be broadly broken down into three categories:

  • Oral
  • Manual
  • Tribbing

Oral stimulation (cunnilingus)

Oral sex for her works just as it would for a mixed-sex couple. It involves stimulation of the erogenous zones of the vagina with the mouth and tongue.

Manual stimulation (fingering)

Manual stimulation, or stimulation using the hands typically involves the use of fingers to massage erogenous zones such as the clitoris, and can also involve penetration of the vaginal opening.

Tribbing (including scissoring)

Scissoring is a small part of the wider category of tribbing which involves rubbing of your genitals on your partner, with scissoring being the act of vagina on vagina tribbing. You can read more about scissoring in our article, Everything you need to know about tribbing.

Alongside the main types of stimulation, sex toys can also be introduced. Toys such as dildos or vibrators could be used as the primary form of stimulation, or they could be used to add an extra dimension in conjunction with another form of stimulation during lesbian sex.

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