The Best Sexting Sites and Apps: Where to find partners and swap texts

Sexting is one of the best ways to get the juices flowing with a new partner. Separate from hookup apps, sexting sites emphasize the titillation of sexting itself, rather than a step on the way to the “real thing.” Particularly when hooking up IRL isn’t possible or preferential, sexting sites can help users meet new people, practice their flirting skills, and develop sexy relationships.

There are a lot of sexting sites on the market, each with their own perks and flaws. Here are some of the big players and how they stack up. And remember: No matter which tool you decide to try, don’t hesitate to protect your privacy and report abuse if you experience or encounter it online.


PURE is a sexting app and website. With a slick design and good privacy policies, Pure was created specifically for sexting. This service is subscription-based, so users pay to access it. But there’s no annoying upselling after you subscribe, which is nice.


  • Great interface and design.
  • Built-in video chat with optional digital “masks” you can wear to maintain anonymity. 
  • Personal ads means there’s no swiping or profiles involved. You simply write an ad for what you’re looking for and answer ads that feel like a good fit. 
  • Doesn’t require an email to sign up. 
  • In-app spam and scam warnings mean that if the person you’re chatting with sounds like a bot or a scammer — by using certain “trigger” words like asking for your credit card info, for example — the app will warn you. 
  • Good privacy protocols with screenshot warnings, automatic deletions, and more. 


  • Binary only. You can only browse ads for one gender at a time, and you can only identify as a man or woman.
  • The quirkiness isn’t for everyone. For instance, women are referred to as “girls” and the slangy copy can feel a bit adolescent. 
  • Unlike Arousr, Chaturbate, or other sexting sites that employ chat hosts, there are no “sure things” with PURE. It’s more akin to a Tinder in that you may not connect with anyone.


Arousr employs professional models to sext with. It’s free to browse, but chatting requires “tokens.” 


  • Because this is a paid service that employs models, you’re basically guaranteed to find a partner to sext with.
  • Video chatting is an option.
  • Limited to female models. If you want to chat with a man, couples, or anyone else, you’re out of luck. 
  • Free to browse.


  • As with old-school phone sex lines, you pay per message (or per minute for video) using their “token” system.


Like Arousr, Chaturbate is a sexting site that employs models or “cam girls” and guys.


  • Features models of all genders.
  • Free to watch.
  • Huge database of models across the globe, so you’re very likely to find models who catch your eye and speak your preferred language.


  • Upselling is how the models on Chaturbate make their money. Users can choose to pay to access private rooms and make special requests. 
  • It’s not mobile-friendly and best used on your computer. 
  • Video-only. There is no option for sexting.

sextingfriendfinder on Reddit 

The r/sextingfriendfinder subreddit is a spot where folks post pics, preferred sexting sites and apps, and what they’re looking for. Because this is an open forum, the onus is on users to make connections, keep an eye out for spam and scams, and use a third-party sexting site or app to connect. 


  • It’s completely free.
  • Open to all interests and genders. You can post about what you’re looking for or respond to another user’s post. 
  • Filled with amateur nudes. Great if you’re only interested in browsing nudes and ads.


  • There are a lot of scammers in this threads and those like it. User discretion is advised.
  • In addition to scammers, there are a lot of professionals posing as amateurs. At some point, they may try to upsell you. This isn’t something to fear, but it’s something to be aware of.
  • Because this subreddit is for making connections, as opposed to actually sexting, you’ll need to know which sexting app or site you’d like to move the conversation to when the time comes.


Slutbot is a chatbot-based sexting service designed to help users practice dirty talk. Stories come weekly via SMS and the content varies from erotic exchanges to sex tips and games.


  • Great for newbies or folks who are nervous about sexting.
  • Free with the ability to unlock premium content for a small fee.
  • Uses SMS to create a more intimate experience that mimics sexting with a real person.
  • Because you’re sexting with a bot, Slutbot is useful for partnered people who are uncomfortable sexting with real people.
  • There’s no fear of rejection.


  • Stories are delivered on a schedule, so you can’t access new content on demand.
  • Not for folks who are hoping to chat with real people or meet up. 

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a discreet dating service. Originally created as a site for folks to meet new people while partnered, this sexting site attracts people who are looking to flirt, sext, date, or hookup with others.


  • Ashley Madison is well-known, so the user base is large.
  • Open to all genders. 


  • Like all amateur-based sexting sites, results may vary.
  • Discretion, to a degree, is required on the user’s end. 

DUST, Confide

If you don’t need help finding a partner, but do need a discreet way to sext, consider using an encrypted messenger app like DUST, Confide, or Signal. These apps allow for end-to-end encryption, disappearing texts, and other features that make users feel safer sharing intimate thoughts and pictures.


  • Easy to use.
  • Free to use with the option to pay for additional features.
  • Encryption keeps your information safe.


  • Users will need to find sexting partners elsewhere.

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