Oral sex may seem commonplace and a normal part of foreplay to most but, for those who have never given a blow job before, it can be quite a daunting and intimidating prospect. If you fall into that second category, we are sure you have loads of questions about oral for him.

Want to know more about fellatio or in need advice? No question is a silly question, we’re here to help! So, what exactly is fellatio? Where did it come from, and how can you get better at giving fellatio?

What does fellatio mean?

We’ve alluded to this already but, the term fellatio is the technical term for blow jobs or oral for him. It’s important to note though, that fellatio specifically refers to oral for him, and shouldn’t be confused with cunnilingus (oral sex for her). To put it plainly, fellatio means the act of stimulating a man’s penis with your mouth.

Where did fellatio originate?

This is a tricky one. Although there is anecdotal evidence throughout history of fellatio being a standard sexual practice, it’s hard to pin down exactly where the act originated. It may even be the case that, behind closed doors, fellatio has always been a part of sex.

What is certain, however, is that the act of fellatio is not confined to one or two cultures or civilisations; oral for him is something that appears to be prevalent across the globe. Essentially, if you are thinking about trying fellatio for the first time, you can rest assured that you are not the first and you certainly won’t be the last person to do it!

How to perform fellatio

Want to give fellatio a go but a bit unsure where to start? Let’s begin with the basics. Before you decide to try giving your partner oral sex, make sure you are completely comfortable with trying it. There is nothing wrong with being nervous, but if you feel like you are not on board with the idea of giving fellatio, then don’t do it!

Another really important consideration for fellatio is safety. Sure, you’re not going to be getting pregnant from giving your partner fellatio, but STIs are still a very real concern. Make sure you both have been tested and have a clean bill of health. Remember, if in doubt, always use a condom.

Right, you’re ready to try giving your partner oral and you have checked it’s all safe, all that’s left is to get on with the act itself. If you’re a complete fellatio newbie, this might be where your anxiety lays. Fear not, we’ve got you covered.

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