Anyone who’s been there knows that when a condom breaks, it not only puts the brakes on your romantic sexual encounter, it can also be very worrying from a safety point of view.

There are a number of reasons why your condom may have broken pre- or mid-sex. But, to get an understanding of how to help prevent breakages, we first to need to look at why condoms break in the first place.

So, what exactly can go wrong? What can cause those unfortunate splits and tears? Here is what you need to know about why condoms break.

How often do condoms break

Condoms are designed and quality tested to remain intact during intercourse, regardless of how rigorous your session gets. They are made of natural rubber latex or a non-latex equivalent such as polyisoprene. These materials are designed to be waterproof, stretchy, and durable.

Condoms can split if they are not looked after correctly or if the condom is not applied safely and in line with the pack instructions.

Why do condoms split or break?

There are several reasons why a condom may break, the most common causes are:

  1. The condom has expired
  2. The condom hasn’t been stored properly
  3. The condom is the wrong size
  4. The condom wasn’t opened carefully
  5. The condom wasn’t put on correctly

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