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Snake bites are not still strange. I lost a patient yesterday because of snake bite. That’s why I bringing you this message. Its so painful seeing this creeping creature be a reason a human has to leave this earth. Amongst all things to die from, snake should not be part of it.

Anti snake venom
Now this what we all know – that there is an anti snake-venom which neutralizes the poison the snake injects inside the body. But the catch is this, this woman we lost had this anti snake-venom, but she died yet.

She presented 5days post bite to our center. She had been receiving treatment from a hospital somwhere. and according to the relatives, she had been fine before relapsing. So what could have possibly happened!?

These are the possibilities:

1. It is possible that the anti snake venom she has been receiving was not potent enough. This may be true or false. But it’s a possiblity. There are so many things in the market. Anytime you have a snake bite, understand that you are wrestling with time. Hence you would not want to gamble your limited opportunities. Do not just go any where, this is information age, be sure of the authenticity of the anti snake venom you are opting for.

2. Another possibility according to my senior registrar was that, it is possible the amount of anti snake venom given was not commensurate with the amount of snake venom in the blood. So here its a question of dose. Even if you have recovered , it is advisable you receive the treatment some few extra days before asking to be discharged from the hospital.

3. The family of the snake is unknown: There are different types of anti snake venom as there are different types of snakes. The woman did not see or kill the snake that bit her. So she’s literally receiving a broad spectrum anti snake venom or worse still a totally different anti venom from the specie that bit her.

In essence , if luxury permits you, try and get a picture, or description of the type of snake that bit you. It will help in your treatment. If you were able to kill the snake, take it along with you to the hospital.

4. Its not every building that has the inscription “Hospital” , that is a hospital. So do not just enter any where to get treated of snake bite. Remember you are at race time. Yes I understand, you may have to choose to enter the most available “hospital” to outsmart time, even when that ” hospital ” is not hospitable enough. This is usually the case especially those living in rural areas. But here , your discretion will be put to good use.

In academic environment, it is called speed and accuracy. You need to act fast, and at the same time accurate. I wish you God’s grace!

Final advice:

Honestly speaking, amongst all things to die from, snake bite should be the least.

The bible said we are in enmity with the snake:

And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.”
Gen. 3:15

You are meant to crush its head first, and incapacitate it from striking your heel. May the reverse not be our case. Amen.

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