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Exercise Tips on Losing Weight – Which Ones Really Work?

Naturally enough, there are piles upon piles of exercise tips on losing weight which you can see being marketed aggressively both online and offline. However, the real question is: which ones really work, and which ones are huge duds?

Now this is a particularly sticky situation because some people would want to argue that their exercise regimen is the best (or only) way to really shed off those unwanted pounds. However, health care providers, dieticians and physical trainers who have helped a lot of people successful get to their targeted weight, cautions against these aggressively marketed exercise fads. According to them, some of these exercises work, but only for a limited period only.

The best exercise tips on losing weight include acquiring a physical routine that a person likes. So much so that that individual is bound to exercise no matter what the situation is, or what probable excuse he or she can think up. Any physical routine is acceptable, because active movement can burn up more calories than being stuck deep in the sofa flicking channels on the cable remote control. Low impact activities like gardening, or washing and waxing your own car can help burn off a lot of calories.

It is said that the best exercises are those that burn up more or as much calories that the person has taken in. Exercising can become useless, especially if the person consumes more calories than the body can burn off. This is basically why it is essential that a balance between dieting and exercise is reached for an effective weight loss program.

A quarter pounder burger (with all the trimmings) and a huge glass of cola have enough calories that could only be burned off by jogging on the treadmill for 3 to 5 hours at a moderate speed. Instead of pushing the person to work that hard, it would be better to switch to a wheat bread turkey burger sandwich that is heavy on the lettuce and tomatoes and an equally huge glass of water. The calories from this meal can be burned off with a 15 minute brisk walk on a slightly inclined plane.

Additionally, one of the best exercise tips on losing weight includes having an escalating workout program. An escalating workout program is an exercise regimen that slowly builds up momentum as the person achieves a better state of physical health. For example: a man takes up walking as his form of low impact cardiovascular workout. He usually takes a walk about 15 minutes every morning, doing 2 circuits around the neighborhood. After two weeks, he can either increase his pace by doing 3 or 4 circuits around the neighborhood; or he can increase his time to about 20 minutes every morning. By the end of the month, he can walk for 60 minutes per day (30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes before dinner) and can do 10 to 20 circuits around the neighborhood as well.

This form of escalating workout program works very well since it helps the person gradually acclimatize to the changes in his physical routine, while his body becomes leaner and fitter.

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