Ways to Avoid Laziness And Ditch The Excuses To Not Workout

You’re still at the office and already thinking to yourself “I’ll workout tomorrow” or “I worked out on Monday, no big deal if I miss today.” The excuses not to workout begin.

I’m right there with you.

The difference is I choose to make time to workout. Why? Because the benefits of being a fit entrepreneur are endless.

It’s a matter of finding time to workout and considering what’s important in your life. You spend 12 hours at work. You at least owe it to your mind and body for a 30 minute refresher. A workout of course.

Once you commit, working out is the easy part. It’s getting the dang motivation to get past the initial excuses that’s the hard part. After a long day of coworkers bickering, vendor screw ups, client complaints, boss demands, who would want to go get physical? At least in a legal way!

The choice is simple and it’s all a matter of making the time to workout and avoiding the excuses not to workout.

Use these 6 strategies and you’ll become a business ninja by scheduling your time to include disconnecting and working out.

1) Schedule an appointment

As a business professional, your time is like the gold at the end of the rainbow, scarce and nonexistent. That’s fine, but start to schedule your workouts. You schedule everything else, so make this a commitment and don’t be late.

2) Reduce your media intake

Just imagine how much time you spend on Facebook, Twitter, reading your emails, or even playing Angry Birds. I can assure you that 30 minutes can be squeezed out of your media intake and applied to working out. Tell yourself that not looking at your emails for 90 minutes after you leave the office is okay. You’ll give your mind a break and have plenty of time to work out.

3) Avoid the TV

Okay, so this may be unrealistic to do entirely, otherwise how would you get your “Suits” fix? Be conscious of how much TV your watching and cut back. For 3 days track how much you watch TV. Start off by cutting back 30 minutes a day. This time can be spent working out. Simple!

4) Create a habit

You wake up and bush your teeth don’t you? Well I hope so. You understand the health risks which is why you do it. Start creating habits with your fitness as well. Start small by walking the dog for 15 minutes in the morning, walking around the neighborhood after dinner, or vow to never take an elevator.

5) Reduce your lunch time

Minimize the time you allocate to lunch. By doing these you can add a 20 minute midday workout with no problem. It’s a great way to get your body moving from sitting and an excellent way to clear your head.

6) Stay away from the gym

They gym is one of the biggest time wasters. Cancel your gym membership to save you time and money.

If you just can’t, if you just don’t have enough time, quite the excuses. You have plenty of time to workout. Skip going to the coffee shop, wake up a little earlier, pre-make your breakfast so you have more time in the morning, or take a 20 minute fitness break midday. There are plenty of ways you can find time to workout.

Lets be honest. How often do you say to yourself, ” I don’t have enough time?”

We’ve all done it but these simple steps will prove to you that time isn’t an issue, it’s a motivational problem. You just need to be rewired to think, I feel great doing it and I need to find time to workout.

Working out helps us in SO many ways. Drop the excuses and get going. What are you waiting for?

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