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Foods Your Child Must Consume Every Day to Grow Tall

Every parent wishes to see her kids in pink of health, stay strong and grow tall. Food and exercise are two pillars of a child’s well being. While the children get moving in school and at the playzone in the evening, it’s often food that they neglect. Some kids are picky eaters while at times due to lack of knowledge parents tend to leave certain foods that can contribute to their child’s exponential growth. Let us take you through 5 common foods that can aid your child’s length and help him grow to his fullest:

1. Eggs

Protein is the building block of a child’s physical growth and eggs are full of protein. Rather than giving just milk and cereal or bread-jam in the breakfast, make a hearty omelet for your child with a multigrain toast and a glass of milk to give him a healthy dose of proteins, complex carbs and calcium. Your child will also stay full, and focused on studies.

2. Yogurt

You must make yogurt or curd a part of your child’s lunch. The pro-biotics keep your child’s gut healthy and that is where whole health starts. Yogurt is rich in vitamin-D and calcium too and therefore is essential for strong bones and good height.

3. Milk

Milk is an essential part of your child’s diet. Ensure s/he gets at least two glasses of milk every day to make certain the required calcium, vitamin-D and protein intake. Fortify the glass of milk with almonds and saffron for more nutrition and natural antibiotics or go for protein-powders like Proteinex etc rather than getting just any chocolaty powder.

4. Soy

Soy is rich in plant based protein and aids muscle growth in young kids. If your child is lactose intolerant and unable to digest dairy milk, then opt for Soy milk to replenish vitamin-D, calcium and protein in his diet. Also opt for soybean and other soy products to create yummy recipes for your children.

5. Fruits

Fresh and seasonal fruits are full with vitamins and minerals that are required for synthesis of protein in the body. Give your child at least 2-3 fruits every day. This way he will get an unperturbed supply of multivitamins in the most natural way, will stay full and avoid processed foods that hamper his growth.

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