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African Food Festival to hold September in Abuja

African Food Network, a platform that promotes African food and cuisine, has announced a plan to hold a food festival tagged ‘African Food Festival’ in Abuja in September 2021.

The Chief Executive Officer of the network, Mr. Kevin Eze, said African music and fashion have always had consistent mention and exposure in mainstream society while African food has not been so lucky, adding that it is time to change the narrative.

He stated that his organisation wants to transform Abuja into a city where people from all corners of the globe will celebrate African food culture.

Eze said Nigeria’s leading food platform aims to bring thousands of food lovers together to eat and drink from a selection of African food served up by some of the best chefs, restaurants and street food vendors in Abuja.

According to him, since 2014, African Food Network has been promoting and showcasing the rich African culture through local foods in Nigeria and all over the continent, adding that the food festival will showcase food lovers, vendors, chefs and different meals from different parts of Africa while having fun together in each other’s company.

He said the event powered by African Food Network, the biggest food brand in Africa with a loyal fan base across the continent, who love indigenous food and looking at taking the local culture and food to the global community.

“This event seeks to celebrate and promote African food culture, showcase chefs food vendors, restaurants and food lovers, highlight the rich agricultural products coming out of Africa and entertain guests with the rich African culture.

“There will be an atmosphere of entertainment and party at this festival as it showcases the style and culture of African food. It will feature chefs battling with one another and cookouts, eating competitions, food trivia, influencers’ challenges and many freebies. This festival promises to be amazing,” Eze said.

Along with tastings, demonstrations, and mini-cooking lessons, bites and sips from a selection of Abuja’s up and coming vendors, he said, “You’ll find pop-ups from African celebrity chefs, aspiring chefs and hobbyist cooks and more, plus DJ’s, musicians and artists to make sure the festivities go long into the night.”

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