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Canned Food Enhances Fibroid Growth

It has been discovered that chemicals and preservatives used in the preservation of canned meat, fish and even fruits, like apples, to give them longer shelf life are toxic to the body and help fibroid growth in women. Also, it has equally been revealed by fertility experts that fertility boosting medications or anything that is high in estrogen will cause fibroid to grow. Fibroid thrives in estrogen environment.

To get a maximum result, it is recommended that surgery (removal of the fibroid through caesarean section) should be carried out followed immediately with herbal therapy in order to shrink the microscopic ones, and stop them from growing back.

Fibroid is one of the major causes of infertility in women. If a woman notices sign of fibroid after her first delivery and fails to do something about it, it grows bigger, especially when the woman is eating food that is toxic to the body, like canned foods which contains some chemical preservations. When you eat fruits like apple that has chemical preservations, it forms what is called “toxemia” inside the body and if the person is not of the habit of detoxifying at the end of the month, these chemicals will accumulate.

Sometimes, it could be people who are taking fertility boosting medications. Anything high in estrogen will cause fibroid to grow because fibroid grows mainly in an estrogenic environment. That is why people who are administering herbs for fibroid prefer advice against bitter leaf water because it is highly estrogenic. That is why, when you don’t see your period, and you start drinking bitter leaf water, it regularizes your period. It has many estrogen giving substances. It is a natural estrogen, it will not harm you, but it will feed fibroid and speed up the growth.

After surgery, it is advisable to administer herbal therapies also in order completely destroy the visible and the microscopic seedlings. This is done by shrinking, and that’s a better way of getting a more efficient result, and the fibroid will not grow back, except if you start taking all those toxins again and they are not detoxified. So you find out that just cutting off fibroid is not the answer. And cutting something like submuscous fibroid, substerral fibroid, all these fibroids are embedded in the walls of the womb, whether inside or outside could distort the uterine lining; After slashing it off, it heals, but because there is a scar there, if a fertilized zygote goes and implants in that part, there is bound to be a miscarriage. This is because that place cannot stretch for the growing placenta to really burrow in and achieve nutrient.

Sometimes, you see people who have big fibroid, but that they don’t want to do anything about it. They are afraid of operation, and won’t take herbs to shrink it. If they eventually conceive, there will be a miscarriage. This is because; the fibroid tumor will be competing for space with the baby. Most of the times, the baby will die and this is more dangerous than the miscarriage.

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