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my husband fun with me for 2 hours after using garlic with ginger and lemon recipe

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1- Habbatussaudaa one cup, Zaitun one cup, Garlic half half coffee and Zuma two cups.

Mix them together, add one tablespoon of non-dairy tea and drink once a day, after meals.
2- Get four cans of wheat, one cup of Habbatussaudaa.

The wheat is then crushed, ground, and mixed. Usually pour one spoonful in half a cup of tea not milk to drink.
3- Drink two tablespoons of honey daily in warm water.
4- Get the Burqu root and Zumbur tree and put them together, the host should drink twice a day.
5- Get about 30 raw eggs. Always cook one, then remove the basket, white egg only to eat with chopped onion.
Always eat one until the egg is done.
6- Get Ayu’s face, then soak it in honey for seven days. When it is wet, lick the honey until it is dry.
7- Get Gurji and Bananas, make lemon juice and add honey to drink.
8- Dry Muruci, Kashe-Zaqi, Farin-Magani and Farin-Mauro. Then fold them in half and fold them in half. Pour one teaspoon of tea instead of milk and drink it once a day.
9- Get good Olive Oil, take one spoonful daily before eating.
10-Get Muruci raw, then let it dry. Add the kanunfari and citta to the dough. You pour tea and milk instead of milk.

11- Combine moringa seeds, citta, kanumfari and masoro on the floor. Then pour in the food and eat.

12- Eat cooked Muruci.
13- Buy a calf or a goat that has not been redeemed, cook it with spices and cook it for you to eat.
14- Get some Kanunfari oil and apply it on your face and mix it with Kanunfari Oil and Olive Oil and take one tablespoon daily.

15- Get Giginya and give her the juice or drink it like that.

16- Taking rake is also very helpful for both men and women.

Then avoid overeating and lemon balm because it reduces energy and reduces appetite.

But all of this can be beneficial if the hemorrhoids do not overwhelm you. Because Hemorrhoids involve a man fulfilling the need for marriage just as cold INFECTION does for women.

This is a spice mixed with pure herbs.

To solve men’s problems: –

1- Water shortage
2-Fast delivery.
4-Lack of interest.
5-It also increases male height.
6-With the production of living cells.

On the other hand women can also use it, because it contains natural ingredients

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