Lisa🇱🇷 explains why she takes responsibility for caring for some African orphans

My name is Lisa Abraham. My father was a journalist and I came up with the idea of ​​doing what I did for my father because in my father’s history there was nothing more important than black news.

But it must have been a little bit in my life history and the challenges I faced before I could have that success in my life.

but when you see some things in my life you will be amazed and you will shed tears of pity.

Although my mother died, my father tried to take good care of me and sent me to school where I graduated as a journalist. In black countries, this is a brief overview.

for the beginning of the story where you will find the full story of what happened

In my first year in Africa, I was shocked to find that life was so full of surprises and tragedies that I had to shed tears of sympathy for them.

While traveling in nigeria, kaduna state in a small village called maganda we were walking around in a car and I saw a woman and her son sitting and all signs of civilization were heard by all of them 😭😭😭


I quickly stopped and before I could tell the owners I had enough water and food in my car I had given them enough to eat and I started asking questions of the woman.

The fact that she did not speak Hausa, when I asked her a question, she just looked at me with pleasure, but she did not say anything.

At my bus stop, BASH (08147709801) his WhatsApp number was asked by a passing farmer to tell him if he was there.

He said she left but she did not cross over and she is crazy and her husband died but she must be convinced that she is patient and does not quarrel with anyone.

Seeing this, I took them all to the hospital for a check-up and after they were confirmed, I took the girl to school and her mother took care of her in a psychiatric hospital because she did not take medication.

So far the girl and her mother are very nice but I also do not have any money in my hand because I am very good at them but for the person who wants to end the affair can call bash 08147709891 via WhatsApp.

thank you

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