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You may have seen this picture and news of a pastor gifting with N2,000,000 Naira, Stephanie, the Corper who shot the video of the 7 year old Success who would rather be flogged than sent home from school over nonpayment of exam levy.

Now what I don’t get is how some people are finding fault with the pastor for his goodness. They are saying he should have used the money to repair Succces’s former school. Reminds me of Judas Iscariot saying that that woman’s pot of oil should have been sold and the money given to the poor.

Abeg, why can’t some people just mind their business? If they have concern that giving the money to fix the school will do more public good, why not they give their own widow”s might toward that?

I tire for this kind of social activism.

Or is this not also part of the general onslaught and attack (Biblically called PERSECUTION) against men of God?

Or, how do you see it?

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